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General Production Information for WARCO & BILTRITE Rubber Products

Please contact our sales department for quotations on volume in excess of 1,000 lbs or on any sheeting, matting, extrusion, or molded rubber products not featured on our website. Additionally, we would be pleased to quote you on any custom molding, extrusion, sheet, mats or matting products. Get a quote for Sheet Rubber, Rubber Mats & Matting, or contact us with your Molded, Extrusion or Custom Rubber need.

For Sales, Quotes & General Customer Service:

WARCO Customer Service: 714-532-3355 (Tel)  |  714-532-2238 (Fax)  |

BILTRITE Customer Service: 800-245-8748  |  (Tel) 662-837-0132 (Fax)  |


Sheet Rubber and Rubber Matting products are priced per foot ($/ft). Rubber Mats and Rubber Slabs are priced per each ($/ea).

Minimum Purchase:

WARCO Products Minimum:

  • Stock Sheet Item: 1 Roll min.
  • Non-Stock Sheet Item: 2 Rolls min.
  • Cable Covering: $800.00 min. per line item
  • Catalog Molded Slabs: $250.00 min. per line item
  • Steering Wheels: $400 min. per line item
  • Utility Straps: $400 min. per line item
  • Custom Items: Please Quote

BILTRITE Sheet Roll Lengths:

  • Stock Sheet Item: 1 Roll min.
  • Non-Stock Sheet Item: 3,000 lbs. min.
  • Stock Matting Item: 1 Roll min.
  • Non-Stock Matting Item: 3,000 lbs. min.
  • Mats: 1 mat
  • Custom Items: Please Quote

Sheet Rubber Roll Width:

Standard WARCO Sheet rubber rolls are untrimmed and can measure approximately 3” in additional width. Trimmed rolled rubber is provided either 36”, 48” or 55” wide ± 1”

Standard BILTRITE sheet rolls are trimmed and is provided either 36”, 48” or 72” wide ± 1”.

Custom widths are available, please call for details.

Standard Sheet Rubber Roll Lengths:

Standard Roll approximate length ±10%. Products may vary, please see product listing for standard roll lengths.

Please note that products sold on use Standard Roll Lengths

WARCO Sheet Roll Lengths:

  1. 1/64" thick - 180 feet
  2. 1/32” thick - 150 feet
  3. 1/16” thick - 100 feet
  4. 3/32” thick - 65 feet
  5. 1/8” thick - 50 feet
  6. 3/16” thick - 30 feet
  7. 1/4” thick - 25 feet
  8. 5/16” thick - 20 feet
  9. 3/8” thick - 16.5 feet
  10. 1/2” thick - 12.5 feet

BILTRITE Sheet Roll Lengths:

  1. 1/32” thick - 150 feet
  2. 1/16” thick - 100 feet
  3. 3/32” thick - 75 feet
  4. 1/8” thick - 50 feet
  5. 3/16” thick - 40 feet
  6. 1/4” thick - 40 feet
  7. 3/8” thick - 30 feet
  8. 1/2” thick - 30 feet
  9. 3/4” thick - 30 feet
  10. 1” thick - 30 feet
  11. 1 1/4” thick - 30 feet

Sheet Rubber Thickness Tolerances:

Closer tolerances and Custom thicknesses are available and can be priced on request.

WARCO BILTRITE Thickness Tolerance - Standard RMA
  1. 0.031” & thinner: ± 0.010"
  2. 0.032" to 0.061": ± 0.012"
  3. 0.062" to 0.124": ± 0.016"
  4. 0.125" to 0.186": ± 0.020"
  5. 0.187" to 0.374": ± 0.031"
  6. 0.375" to 0.500": ± 0.047"
  7. 0.501" to 0.750": ± 0.094"
  8. 0.751" & thicker: ± 10%

Sheet Rubber Finish:

Unless otherwise noted, sheet rubber has a standard smooth finish. Textured (fabric) finish and matte finish are available on most materials at an additional cost. Please call for details.

Sheet Rubber Color:

The standard color of our sheet rubber is black, unless noted otherwise. Custom colors and color matching is available.

Test Reports:

Short form test results, basic physicals, are available. Full test reports to particular specifications will be quoted on request. Certifications are sent with your order upon request at no charge.

Typical Physical Properties:

The typical physical properties on this price list are obtained on ASTM test slabs and buttons.

ASTM and Product Physical Values:

ASTM basic requirements for physical properties are based on values obtained from standard laboratory test specimens prepared and tested in accordance with the applicable ASTM test methods. Test results from specimens prepared from finished products may not duplicate values obtained from standard test specimens. Per ASTM D2000, Section 7.1, Buyer agrees that when standard test specimens are cut from finished parts in accordance with Practice D 3183, a deviation to the extent of 10% on tensile strength and elongation values is permissible.

Use of the ASTM Specification:

All of our sheet rubber products, except where indicated, are a proprietary blend of polymers formulated to meet designated ASTM D 2000 specifications. In our Commercial products, the named polymer is not necessarily the polymer representing the highest percentage of the polymer blend. The various specification call outs area a valuable guide in selecting the type and grade of sheet rubber for a particular application. In any application, the customer should evaluate the performance requirements and conditions that will affect the working life of the rubber product. Where appropriate, field tests may need to be performed before the style of sheet rubber is selected. If the customer’s quality assurance includes the testing of rubber material, the test criteria should specify the physical property call outs of the ASTM specification that are most critical to its application. Polymer type alone may not be adequate for the selecting of the rubber that is best suited for a specific application.

Payment Terms:

Net 30 days. No Cash Discounts. New customer orders for shipment on open account are subject to credit approval.

Freight Terms:

F.O.B. warehouse location, freight allowed by most economical routing on shipments weighing 3,000 lbs or more to one destination, one shipment, one purchase order, within the continental United States. Freight allowance applies to WARCO calendered sheet products and BILTRITE Sheet, BILTRITE Mats, & BILTRITE Matting products only and does not include a freight surcharge of $0.06/lb.


Standard Sheet rubber rolls are wrapped in plastic or sacked in synthetic burlap.

Special Charges

  • Sheet Roll Slitting: $75.00 per roll (based on 36” wide) - 4-inch slit minimum, please quote less than 4 inches
  • Fabic Finish Sheet: $0.75 per foot for 36” width, $0.85 per foot for 48” width
  • Talc-Free Sheet: $0.85/ft
  • Stencilling: Please quote
  • Color Matching: $200.00 per color

More Information:

For more information, pleasee contact our Customer service departments:

WARCO Customer Service: 714-532-3355 (Tel)  |  714-532-2238 (Fax)  |

BILTRITE Customer Service: 800-245-8748  |  (Tel) 662-837-0132 (Fax)  |

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