Molded Rubber Capabilities

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Custom Molded Rubber: Experience You Can Count On

WARCO BILTRITE has been committed to providing quality molded rubber products to American Industry and Military for over 100 years. Custom rubber formulations and broad molding production capabilities position us to deliver cost-effective solutions for long or short runs. We work closely with our customers to understand their challenges and to provide them with customized solutions. We also offer tool design assistance to jump start your production.

Whether your application requires fuel tank gaskets, grips, vibration dampening pads for heating and air conditioning units or pump seals, WARCO BILTRITE is your source for high–precision, cost–efficient rubber molded parts. With a knowledgeable team of professionals that have years of experience in the rubber molding industry, we can work with you to develop and manufacture a product that will meet your specific needs and applications.

WARCO BILTRITE has a variety of vertical injection presses, horizontal injection presses and an extensive assortment of presses that may be utilized for compression and transfer molding. State-of-the-art cryogenic deflashing is used whenever possible to eliminate hand trimming and produce clean parts at tremendous cost savings.

Specialty areas include:

  • Custom Formulations to meet the most demanding specifications
    • Color Matching
    • Dual Durometer and Multi-Durometer compounding
  • Rubber to Metal Bonding
    • We can bond to a variety of metals including aluminum, brass, stainless and cast iron
  • Rubber to Fabric Bonding
    • We can bond to fabrics such as ballistic nylon and fiberglass
  • Molded Rubber Splicing with the ability to hold very tight tolerances
  • Tool Design assistance

Our production capabilities include:

  • Over 100 Presses
    • Platen Sizes ranging from 15" x 15" to 48" x 48'
  • Vertical Rubber Injection Molding
    • 250 ton to 450 ton press sizes
  • Horizontal Rubber Injection Molding
    • 250 ton to 700 ton press sizes
  • Automatic Compression Presses that can handle compression or transfer molds
  • Shuttle Presses as well as Multiple Deck Presses to accommodate all your needs
  • Horizontal Stroke Press with 705 tons of clamping force and platen size of 31.9" x 43.3"
  • Molded Rubber Slabs up to 4.5" thick and 48" square
  • We can mold parts as small as 1" in diameter to parts as large as 48" in diameter
  • Flat press offers 30 FT length single cure in thicknesses from 1/4" to 2" and in 36" to 38" width or 48" to 51" width
  • Waterjet for prototype or production runs
    • Can cut-up to 1 3/4 IN thick by 4 FT x 6 FT
  • In-House Mixing keep each formulation under our tight control
  • Cryogenic Deflashing eliminates hand trimming and produces clean parts at tremendous cost savings
Assorted molded rubber parts
Assorted molded rubber part closeup Rubber to metal bonding WARCO BILTRITE is equipped to handle small to large molded rubber parts
Assorted round molded parts and gaskets